The heart behind the name

I remember the day I sewed my first pocket. It was far from perfect and was hand stitched a little crooked into one of my favorite pair of boots but I didn’t care. I was so proud of that yellow, polka dot pocket. It may not have looked like much to others but to me…to me it was so much more than a piece of fabric sewn together. That’s when I got the name, More Than Pockets; it was the beginning of a dream.

Each of us hold so much inside of who we are. Buried deep in the pocket of our hearts are dreams, gifts, passions, and at times hurts and regrets. We carry treasures just waiting to be released! And sometimes along the way we tuck away things from the past that collect like empty gum wrappers we meant to throw away. No matter what we carry willingly and unknowingly, there is one who desires to reach into our hearts, remove those “gum wrappers” and unlock the beauty of who we are within. He wants us to know we are more than our past, present and future because we are His. When I created that wonky looking pocket, in the upstairs loft of my friend’s home, I had no idea that there would be much more instore for this dream in my heart. But, when I allowed God to reach in and begin to show me what He had carefully entrusted to me, More Than Pockets, became just that; MORE Than Pockets.

Whether it’s a shirt, a book cover, or a pocket in your boot I want for each piece to inspire you to live the life He has for you, to reach for the more. I pray as you hold a coffee mug, read a sign on your wall or work that t-shirt, that you are reminded of the beauty that you are and the treasure that lies within. You’ve been tucked into this pocket of time for a reason and it isn’t to stay hidden. So, step out boldly darling and as you do take hold of the hand of someone near you and encourage them to do the same, because this world needs more of their sparkle as well.