You Belong

Have you ever felt out of place? Unseen? Unwanted? Unvalued? I think we all have. But these feelings couldn't be further from the truth. You are not "out of place" you have a place. And it's not like when you show up somewhere and no one was expecting you, so they quickly move things around to make room at the corner of the table. No. You have a seat reserved just for you. You were created on purpose. You were born for this time. You are not an accident or an inconvenience. YOU BELONG.
You are not Unseen. Before a sonogram ever captured your beating heart, before anyone snapped a picture. Before your mother ever laid eyes on you, you were seen. And not only were you seen but you were wanted. That's why He created you, because He wanted you. The Father, the creator of the universe saw you in His mind, wanted you and created you. He saw every day of your life before you ever lived one. You are seen. You are not out of place. YOU BELONG.
You are not unwanted. You are not a mistake. You are not a burden. You are needed. That's why He breathed life into your lugs and... there...right there...that's why you just took another breathe. Because you are wanted. Who you are is needed in this world. You display a part of the Father no one else can. He wanted you, so He created you. Oh, you are so loved.
You are not unvalued. Maybe the people around you don't realize the value you hold. Maybe you have been mistreated but your past and your present does not define who you are. What people have said or haven't said does not define who you are. You are His. You are worth the cost of God's only son, Jesus. You are priceless. You are a treasure. You are valued. You are wanted. You are seen. You are not out of place and YOU BELONG.
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