The heart behind the tee:
Rua- Cry aloud. Raise your battle cry. Shout for joy. Shout in triumph. Sound the alarm. Shout of victory over the enemy.
As the Israelites marched into battle they released a shout! Reminding themselves that victory has already been won and letting the enemy know that they had a reason to fear. Release your Rua! Your shout of victory over the enemy! Your shout of joy knowing who has gone before you! Sound the alarm of war! We are not of those who back down. We will not be silent. Even if it looks and feels like defeat we will march on! We will release a cry of victory before we see the answers we are fighting for. We will not be overtaken. We will not be silenced. Remind yourself of your victory. Let the enemy know he has a reason to fear, for the great I AM marches with you! RUA!
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